Pet Wellness Care

As with your own health, the key to maintaining your pets’ health is in preventative medicine. The gradual onset of health problems in an animal that seems healthy often goes unnoticed. Once symptoms appear, the condition may be more difficult or costly to diagnose. At least once and perhaps twice a year, your pet needs a complete physical examination. Remember, your pets’ life span is shorter than a person's and a lot can happen in 12 months. Today, many immunizations and preventive treatments are available for your pet.

With the advancement of Revolution, fleas and ticks are no longer the nuisance they once were for your pet. Heartworm testing, parasite checks and routine blood screens are all useful tools to keeping your pet healthy. The Doctors and staff at Doc·Side will help you decide what preventive measures are right for your pet to keep them healthy and happy.

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Yearly Exams are the key to your pet's health

Yearly Exams are the key to your pet's health


Did you know your new pet should meet their veterinarian as early as six weeks old? During this visit, we'll set your pet on the right path by checking for parasites and worms (and providing deworming treatments), evaluate your pet's overall health, provide guidance on proper diet for his or her age and breed, and beginning their vaccine boosters for gradual disease immunity.

For your senior pets, we will use the information from their past medical visits to make sure that he or she is also on the right nutrition, check weight and behaviors, as well as work with you to make sure that your pet is as healthy and happy as can be well into their golden years.


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